Dry Products

Dry Goods

If you are looking for a new aquarium you have come to the right place. We have the largest aquarium showroom in the St. Louis area. We stock the highest quality tanks from 2 gallons up to 210 gallons, everything from the standard look to the newest styles and designs. Our in-stock selection is rivaled by no one in the area. Along with the best selection in town, we have the lowest prices! Custom orders are available for anything we don't carry.

We stock the best selection of aquarium filtration, decorations, foods and lighting to help you keep your tanks looking great and your fish healthy. We carry a wide variety of the newest technologies in aquarium filtration and cleaning supplies. Good clean driftwood can be hard to find, but not here. We have a large selection of XX-large to small pieces to fill any space, whether it's for an aquarium or a reptile terrarium. This can also be said for our decorative rock selection, XX-large down to just a pebble. We carry a vast selection of fish foods, dry and frozen. Flake food is important, but a tasty little treat is appreciated by everybody. Frozen foods are tasty, healthy treat for our fish.

We pride ourselves on our selection of reptile supplies; we carry a huge selection of quality products. We have everything needed to create an ideal, healthy reptile habitat. Screen cages and glass terrariums of all sizes in stock and ready to go.

We want to be your one stop shop when it comes to freshwater fish and reptiles.