Our Selections

Freshwater Fish

We have over 5500 gallons of freshwater in the store. We carry a extensive variety of fish from all over the world. Our wide selection includes everything from small community fish to some of the largest fish you will see in a tank in the St. Louis area. African Cichlids are our specialty. We have fish from all the various lakes in Africa, Lake Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria. Whether you like the bright, vibrant colors of peacocks and haps or the more delicate detail and the interesting behavior of a colony of shell dwellers, we have the fish for you.

If you are looking for odd and rare fish we have a wide array of choices for you. Piranhas, arowanas, polypterus, eels, puffers and many other large predators fill our tanks if you are looking for something different.

Be sure to stop by and check out our African cichlid display tank, it will rival any other display in the area!

Nano tanks

Nano tanks are the new BIG thing in aquariums. New LED light technology and newly popular micro fish have opened up all kinds of possibilities in small packages, for small spaces. We have a wide assortment of desktop nano tanks to help your create your own miniature ecosystem, whether it’s an underwater aquatic jungle or an aquatic invertebrate ecosystem. Shrimp, nano fish, plants... whatever interests you can be found in our new nano systems or ordered in for you. Nano tanks are easy to keep, do not take up much space, are economical, and a time saver.


We carry a wide assortment of hardy aquarium plants to wet your green thumb. From foreground carpeting plants to tall background plants we have what you need to create your own underwater garden. We also carry the lights, substrates, and chemicals needed to keep your plants happy, healthy, and thriving in your tank.